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Absolutely Gracious Dental Experience

Aura Dental Professionals, unlike other dental hospitals, provides more than just regular dental services. Entering the premises, you will be welcomed by a calm ambiance to make you feel the  ‘at home’ comfort levels, instead of creating anxiety. Further, our stringent safety and hygiene policies, adhering to international standards eventually creates confidence and trust. In a nutshell, we offer personalized dental care and attention, powered by advanced dental treatments, state-of-the-art technologies, and a friendly atmosphere.

Our prime aim is to eradicate the fear of pain among patients when they think of visiting dentists and reinforce confidence and trust in dental care and related services. We are more than happy to educate people about proper oral care and hygiene towards the goal of creating awareness about the importance of sound oral health.

Listen To Soothing Music,
Not The Drilling Noise

We understand how scary it feels when you have no other go than listening to that nerve-racking drilling noise. It’s not something to worry about when you choose Aura Dental Professionals to take care of your oral health. Our ultra-modern treatment facility is fitted with self-cleaning seats, integrated with audio-visual entertainment systems to ensure our patients remain calm and undisturbed from the noise of machines around.


We Prefer Safety in the first place
  • Lead shielded doors and walls for 100% protection from radiation
  • 12-step sterilisation process adhering to international healthcare standards
  • On-premise diagnostic systems with the lowest radiation levels
Using the Best to win the best
  • Next-gen Self-cleansing dental chairs for convenience
  • Advanced diode laser equipment for pain-free soft tissue treatments. Equipment import from benchmark industries of Germany, Japan, and the USA
  • Finest quality dental supplies from top brands like 3M, Septodont, and Dentsply

Special People – Special Care

Aura has a team of specialized dentists, dedicated to offering complete dental care and treatments for the children and adults who are differently-abled. The team is given special training on behavioral management, and effective handling of patients with physical, medical, and psychiatric issues.

This ensures people with the above-mentioned health conditions are taken utmost care by specialists, and everything moves smoothly.


Implant & Replacement

Braces & Aligners

Paediatric Dentistry

Bridge,Crown & Denture

Aesthetic Dentistry

Our Cases & Patient Stories

Tooth Whitening, Root Canal Treatments, Implants

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Tooth Whitening, Root Canal Treatments, Implants

View Case

Tooth Whitening, Root Canal Treatments, Implants

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The No. 1 South London tram goes right past our door. Get off at Stop 11. Any tram down St Patrick Road—jump off at Oak Street, Stop 11 and take a 6-minute walk.

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The No. 1 South London tram goes right past our door. Get off at Stop 11. Any tram down St Patrick Road—jump off at Oak Street, Stop 11 and take a 6-minute walk.

How Aura is unique among others?

1. Feel the calm ambiance – Unlike a typical dental clinic. Neatly organized premises with selected in-door plants that are proven to improve and maintain oxygen levels proactively inside the premises.
2. Proper oxygen level regulation not only ensures comfort and ease of breathing but also reduces stress and anxiety substantially
3. The modern infrastructure and advanced technologies we use ensures 100% protection against harmful radiations, making it a safe place for children and pregnant women – enhancing patient safety and satisfaction

Aura Dental Professionals is the best dental hospital in Chennai with maximum levels of safety, hygiene, and cutting-edge treatment options.

Right from a welcoming ambiance – to – advanced treatment – to – post-treatment care, Aura Dental Professionals is committed to maintaining consistency over all the phases, and treat patients with utmost care. Starting from consultation to final billing, we made every process paper-less and digitized, making our policies more transparent to the visitors, and friendly to the mother nature.

Either you wish to satisfy aesthetical dental needs or in need of a complex surgery resulted from trauma, we take care of everything in a clean sweep, providing complete oral solutions for different people with varying needs.

We understand that a relaxed mindset of the patients is absolutely necessary to understand and pinpoint the root cause of the problem, helping them get the right treatment at the right time. It’s not surprising that dental anxiety is keeping most of the people from early diagnosis of dental problems, leading to unnecessary complexities later.

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